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Want to know who won what? Well here you go 🙃 This page features all of the LIVE DRAW videos from every giveaway event.  I hope to be adding your name to this list soon!

Click here to watch the live draw video streams on YouTube and you’ll also see the live chat 🙂 

GIVEAWAY#1 – Fortune Island DLC
Congratulations to YouTube user: USERNAMESRSTOOPID who was the very first winner here at KatumiGiveaways!
Watch the Live Draw below >>

GIVEAWAY#2 – Project Cars 3
Congratulations to: Jeff M from Canada, selected at random as the winner for the Project Cars Giveaway!
Watch the Live Draw below >>

GIVEAWAY#3 – Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 
Congratulations to YouTube users: Noah Smith and AntiMARCO who were both picked as winners for THPS!
Watch the Live Draw below >>

GIVEAWAY#4 – Lego Speed Champions Expansion for FH4 
Congratulations to Richmond F from the Philippines who was randomly chosen as the winner of The Lego Expansion for Forza Horizon 4
Watch the Live Draw below >>

GIVEAWAY #5 – Little Big Workshop x3  Congratulations to 3 people this time, as we had our regular winner… PLUS 2 bonus winners from the Live Draw chat! Winners: William M (Yes… My #1 Patron Finally Won Something!!) BaronGrod (Another Regular, Well Done!) and Soltari Kensho who I have no contact info for!!! So… get in touch so I can send your prize! 
Watch the Live Draw below >>

More winners coming soon…  maybe you? Good Luck!

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